How to Change Pricing

How to Change Pricing

To change pricing, log in to your backend.
On the left bar, click "Services" > "Configure Services."

You can change the "Base Price" or "Service Options" price(s) here.
Click the "Edit" button in "Actions" to change the price for your service.
Always click the "SAVE" button every time you change pricing.

This option will pop up when you click the "Edit" button in "Actions."

Go to your "Extras" if you want to change the price in your "Extra Service."
To do that, follow the guide here on how to change pricing in your "Extras."

Here's an example of a Booking Form.

In this next image, you can see how the pricing is calculated when they book using the sample booking form.

If you have issues or are unsure how to change pricing, reach out to us, and we will help you change your price.

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