Setting up your custom domain

Setting up your custom domain

If you own a custom domain, you can configure it to be your main website address.  

To point your custom domain to your BizValet hosted website, you will need to make following changes to your DNS settings (3 changes in total):

NOTE: These instructions were updated as of 12/22/2021
1. Set up DNS "A" record  for domain to point at our IP address
A record
2. Set up DNS "CNAME" record for the "www" subdomain

3. Set up DNS "TXT" record, this is for domain ownership verification
Once you have updated your DNS records with these values, please contact us so we can enable your custom domain on our end and set up a secure SSL certificate for your website.  You can email as at

If you are updating your domain from our previous name "MaidToFit" to "BizValet", then make sure to delete the old DNS records, or change them to new values (i.e. make sure there are no duplicate A records or CNAME records). 
Reference links: 
  1. Updating DNS Records at GoDaddy:

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