How to Add Users/ Set Permissions

How to Add Users/ Set Permissions

Adding Users has 2 key benefits:
  1. Allow users to log into your backend while setting specific permissions on what they can see/edit.
  2. Allow you to assign jobs to your teams and cleaners and push to their calendars (see how HERE)
Start by logging into your backend, and going to Administration > Users.
Here, you will see yourself (admin), and any other users you may have added or we added on your behalf.

Click "+ Create New User" on the top right.

You will get this:

Add the user's basic information, and select the desired login options.
Under the "Roles" tab is where you will see the Role options for this user.


As a default, there are 2 roles:
  1. Admin: As a default has all permissions checked and has access to everything
  2. User: As a default has no permissions checked and has access to nothing
See how to create new roles and set defaults below.

2 spots to note:

ONE: "Actions" button - This has 2 important sections: Edit, and Actions.
Edit: Edit the user's role, name, phone number, email, and password.
Permissions: Shows you a checklist of all accessible parts of your backend, so you can select what this user has access to.

TWO: Roles
This is where you can set pre-defined roles with pre-defined permissions so you don't have to edit the checklist every time.
Simply create a new role like "Team Leader" for example, set default permissions, and for each new Team Leader that you add, simply add this role, and it will set those permissions.

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