Abandoned Cart Settings

Abandoned Cart Settings

The abandoned cart feature is one of the most unique and one-of-a-kind features - and incredible helpful to any small business at increasing conversion rates!

When potential clients land on your website, and attempt to book your service, sometimes they don't actually go through with the booking and end up leaving your page. 
This customer can be saved!
We save their info in your backend as a lead IF they filled out their email or phone number.


You can see these leads in the "Abandoned Cart" tab in your backend.

Here you can see all of your leads, their info, and easily see if an email was sent, and if the cart was recovered!

If you click on the lead, you will see the information that was captured:

You have:
  1. Name, email, phone number
  2. Address
  3. Whether they added billing info or not
  4. Date/time and frequency
  5. The selections they had selected when they closed the page.
There is also a "Send a cart recovery email" button, where you can email the potential client in order to get them back.
TIP: Adding a discount code in this email will increase likelihood of them coming back and booking with you!

Since you have the customer's phone number (usually) - the most effective way to save a potential customer is to call them!

SUMMARY: Call the customer - It's the most effective way to get the customer back!!

Abandoned Cart Settings:
These are located on the top right of the abandoned cart tab.

There are 2 tabs:
  1. General 
    Allows you to enable auto emails that go out automatically when you get one of these leads, as well as sets the time frame after which the system determines that a customer probably closed the tab without booking.
    There are pros and cons to having this time frame be shorter or longer.
    Too short: If the customer simply left to go eat or answer the door or something like that, then you end up sending them an email too early and might scare them away.
    Too long: If you wait too long, you risk them booking with someone else and losing them altogether.

    Default time frame is set to 30 minutes. Then in 30 minutes, the system automatically determines the cart as "Abandoned".

  2. Email Scheduling
    Allows you to customize a series of 3 emails that go out after the cart is determined "Abandoned".
    You can set the time after which each email is sent out. By default, the first email is sent after 30 minutes, the second one after 2 days, and the 3rd one after 4 days.

    The content of the emails Includes several sections: Subject, Title, Top Message, Bottom Message. 

    Subject: The subject line of the email.
    The rest are as follows:

  1. Calling the customer as soon as the lead comes in is the most effective way of saving them! Time and a personal conversation are key here. 
  2. Adding a discount is very tempting to the potential customer so can be very effective.
  3. If you add a discount code, mention it in the subject line.
  4. Keep the auto-emails personal! Add your name at the end, talk about how you're a local small business, love your work, etc!

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